Saturday, May 17, 2014

Believing Homosexuality is a Sin Does Not Make You a "Homophobe" or a "Bigot"

Our culture is changing at an astonishingly rapid pace. We've now moved to the point where homosexuality has gained, at least in the realm of political correctness, favored status. To say anything against the gay lifestyle and agenda is to be labeled a bigot. In fact, anyone who doesn't do metaphorical back flips about homosexuality is being pushed to the margins.

Our culture is bankrupt. Do not believe its hype.

Believing that homosexuality is a sin does not make you a homophobe (to use a popular term) or a bigot. Just because secular society throws around those accusations it does not make it so. If you dare to stand for biblical truth, remember that you are simply believing what God believes on this issue.

God's no homophobe or bigot, and neither are you.


Nick Bekker said...

I agree that believing homosexuality is a sin does not make you a homophobe or a bigot, but the way you communicate your belief of it being a sin can be done in a bigoted or homophobic way. Unfortunately, in my experience, many Christians convey their belief that homosexuality is a sin in a way that is very unkind and un-Christlike and come across as rabidly bigoted.

Eric said...


Thanks for commenting. I've never met anyone who is actually "homophobic," as in scared of homosexuals. However, I use the term in this post because it gets thrown around so much.

I agree with you that some Christians do come across as hateful toward homosexuals. This is sinful and needs to stop.

At the same time, our secular society has now gotten to the point that almost any word spoken against homosexuality, even in loving terms and attitude, leads to an automatic accusation of that person being a bigot. It is a quick way to stifle the conversation before it even begins. The church needs to be prepared for this.