Sunday, August 25, 2013


I worked seventy hours again this week. Because of that, I'm simply too tired to blog much. Despite this, I still think about Jesus Christ and his church quite a bit. Ten simple truths come to mind right now:

1. The church belongs to Jesus Christ.

2. Jesus Christ is the one and only head of his church.

3. Christ has shown us in scripture what he demands and desires his church to be.

4. The Holy Spirit testifies to these truths revealed in scripture.

5. The church's greatest characteristic must be selfless love.

6. The church must live as the holy people we are.

7. The church must be united.

8. The church is on a mission to the ends of the earth.

9. The church needs every member.

10. Servanthood is the path that pleases Christ.

Please feel free to add to this list.  It is hardly comprehensive.


Aussie John said...


Not good stewardship of your health. A long time ago my wife, prior to our time in ministry, and I each worked more than 100 hours per week for 17 years.

Suffice to say we are now reaping what we sowed.

Eric said...


It is certainly difficult. I appreciate your prayers.