Friday, January 18, 2013

"Finding Church" is in the House!

Specifically, Finding Church is in my house.

This is a book that I've been interested in ever since I first heard about it. I had every intention of purchasing it until Swanny decide to have a contest on his blog with the prize being a copy of this book. Thanks to Swanny's wife, I won the contest.

The book arrived today.

Finding Church, which is edited by Jeremy Myers, is a compilation of short essays by different Christians who have asked some hard questions about the church. The book's 36 chapters fall into three primary sections: Leaving Church, Switching Church, and Reforming Church.

As a bonus, my good friend Alan Knox is one of the contributors.

I'm looking forward to reading and eventually reviewing this book. Thanks Swanny!


Jeremy Myers said...

Glad you won it. Congrats and enjoy!

Eric said...


I've read the intro and the first couple of chapters so far. Great stuff!