Friday, October 26, 2012

What I Will Tell My Kids About Finding a Church

God has blessed Alice and me with three great kids: Caroline, Mary, and Bobby. They are teens and all live at home. However, someday they will depart. If they stay in Savannah, they may want to be part of a different church family. If they move somewhere else, they'll be forced to find other Christians with whom to fellowship.

What do I tell my kids about finding a church family? I've been thinking about that lately. It's helped me boil down what is most important. I came to a simple conclusion. This is what I will tell them, "Ask God to lead you to a group of people who you can help grow closer to Jesus Christ and who will help you grow closer to Jesus Christ."

Growing closer to Jesus necessarily includes becoming more like Jesus. This includes living sacrificially for others, striving for personal holiness, being an active disciple-maker, etc. When we look at the exhortations in scripture for how Christ's followers should live, we see these almost always given in the context of the Christian community. Commands are for the large part plural as opposed to individual. Growing closer to Christ occurs most effectively in community as opposed to solo.

III John verse 4 says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." All truth is God's truth. Jesus stated directly that He is the way, the truth, and the life." My great hope for my children is that they grow increasingly closer to the One who is the source of all truth. This will happen best with other believers who they can help and who can help them.

What do/would you tell your kids or others about finding a church family?


Chris Jefferies said...

I'd say much the same as you, Eric. It's good advice.

Ask Father to guide you to be part of a community of his people. His choice not yours, led by the Spirit much as Israel was led by the pillar of fire and cloud.

Don't go where you want, go where he wants. Otherwise you may remain in the wilderness longer than necessary just as the Israelites did.

His way is always better then mine!

Eric said...


God does have a way of directing us where He wants us. It may sound cliche, but the key really is to be open and willing to go wherever God leads.

co_heir said...

I would tell them the same thing.