Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm catholic. Aren't You?

I'm catholic. I hope you are as well.

By catholic, I'm simply referring to Jesus Christ's church. Nothing more and nothing less.

This is the church universal. The church undivided. The church united. The church Christ describes in John 17.

All of us Christ-followers are catholic. I embrace this term because it helps me think of the church as one (as opposed to splintered).

So, although I'm not part of any denomination, I'm catholic. This is the church as it ought to be.


Aussie John said...


You would make a lot of R.C's very happy in this country.

Obviously, you know that the word originally meant "universal" = existing everywhere, but the non-capitalized word is widely used here to refer to a person who is bound by the narrow parochial prejudices and adherence of R.C.ism.

Why not simply refer to yourself as a universal Christian?

Eric said...


I don't generally go around using the term to describe myself. However, I do like it when it means universal.

Of course there is much confusion about the term because of the nonsense that has been going on in Rome for centuries.

I'd like to recapture this term in the Nicene Creed sense of it.

Sheree Dutton said...

wow I have never heard of that before. Catholic certainly isn't a scriptural term, thus many would misunderstand. I would rather use a scriptural term to describe myself, such as follower or believer. Can you think of any others?

Eric said...


Thanks for commenting.

I don't use the term too often. Rather, I simply think of myself as catholic in the sense of being a part of the universal church. The last thing I want is confusion.

As for a self-description, I also like the term follower.