Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Rapper Moment

Yesterday I tweeted the following:

"Able to teach" does not equal "monologue preach."

I was thinking, of course, about the I Timothy 3 passage dealing with characteristics of overseers. Little did I realize that my tweet rhymes. My brother-in-law commented that I'm a house church rapper. I kind of like that. Although, since I have little rhythm, my rapping would probably look something like the dude at the left.


Jeffrey said...

Don't quit your day job just yet brother

Eric said...

Tempting, but I'll stay at JCB for now.

Aussie John said...


You would become bored with my continual "Amens!", if I made comment on all your recent articles, but is there a difference between being the prima donna monologue preacher, and the house church rapper :)?

Eric said...


Hmmm. I hope so. And I certainly won't ask others to listen quietly while I rap.