Saturday, February 25, 2012


Question: if you choose to gather with the church in a manner that differs significantly from what is described in scripture, why do you do so?

I've written quite a bit about what I think on this issue; now I'd like to hear more from you. My purpose in this question is not to bash anyone, to tell anyone that they are sinning, or even to win an argument. Rather, I'd just like to know the reasons and discuss them.

In the past I had one reason for gathering in ways that we don't see in the bible: tradition. I even worked as a salaried pastor for a few years, embracing all sorts of things we don't see in scripture.

As for things that differ significantly from what we read in the bible, I'm not talking about stuff beyond our control such as where we live. For example, you don't need to move to Ephesus or Corinth to attempt to be biblical. I'm referring to what happens when Christians come together, how it happens, who's involved, and why it occurs.

So, what do you think?


Jeffrey said...

I don't wear a toga because I don't have very nice legs.

Steve Finnell said...

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Steve Scott said...

A. because after years of searching there are no churches within 150 miles of me that gather in a manner described in scripture.

Eric said...


Yours is one of the few legitimate reasons that I have heard. I hope you have found community even if the model for gathering differs from the biblical model.

Tim A said...

a. comfort preoccupation - the children are sent away, just listening is comfortable
b. spiritual laziness 2 Thes. 3
c. Godly people taught them to do this
d. Failure to be Bereans who compare what they are told with the scripture to see if it's true. Acts 17:11
e. They can afford it.
f. They have been dumbed down by the system
g. "You must follow your leader regardless of imperfections. It's the leaders fault and if you follow your leader doing something wrong God won't hold you responsible. He will only discipline the leaders."

Eric said...


I figured that I wouldn't receive many comments from those who meet in an institutional manner. Basically, folks of that persuasion don't generally read this blog.

Thanks for your input.