Saturday, September 3, 2011

For Us Coffee Lovers

UPDATE: I've been informed that this graphic has some significant errors in it. So enjoy it, but don't take it too seriously.

One great way to build relationships is to have conversations while enjoying cups of coffee. We must, therefore, understand what we're drinking. This chart, which I saw on Facebook a few days ago, sums things up pretty well.


Travis said...

I love it! I've got a soft spot for Venn diagrams like this one. But it's wrong -- so very, very wrong. ;)

What it labeled "Macchiato" is really the Latte.
What's labeled "Latte" is really Cappuccino.
What's labeled "Cappuccino" is really Mochaccino (this is where I realized the error -- the "Cappuccino" label points to the intersection of Espresso, Foam, Milk and Chocolate)!
What's labeled "Mochaccino" would really be more of a Mocha Latte (though I haven't seen the term used much).

It's that pesky Macchiato that's the problem. It doesn't even really belong on this chart. Go ahead, read Wikipedia's definitions. ;)

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Don't get me wrong; I actually like the diagram! Just tossing out some corrections in case anyone else looks at it and goes "...wait a minute..."

Eric said...

Thanks Travis. Arrgh. I don't like it when I post things that aren't accurate. I'll have to update the post.