Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Need Each Other

"For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all be encouraged." I Cor. 14:31

What an amazing verse this is. As the church gathers, we can all speak. The specific context here is giving a word of prophecy, but it likely applies to other forms of speech as well.

We see here our need for each other. The spoken word, given by a brother or sister in Christ, is designed to benefit the hearers. We don't speak to simply fill the time, but rather in order that something will occur. That something is the learning and encouragement of others.

As the church comes together, God's plan appears to be that His children will speak in an orderly manner in order to help others. We see a specific cause-effect relationship.

In order for this to happen, we need to speak. For those who struggle to speak in group settings, I encourage you to do so - for the edification of the group. You will probably see that what you have to say is very well received.

Not only do we need to speak, but we also need to listen - a lot. This is a gift from God to us. His plan is that we will be built up in Him through what others have to share.  If we are too busy thinking about the next thing we are going to say, we might miss out on something wonderful added by someone else.

This blog post may seem extremely basic.  That's fine. I'm simply pointing out the scriptural idea that we really do need one another. This is, of course, true at all times. However, here we see it in the context of the gathering of the body. We need to speak and we need to listen in order to bring about mutual edification.


Tim A said...

"You are a royal priesthood that you may proclaim..."
It is imbedded in our identity. So simple yet ignored in the pulpit / pew setup. There is no faith that something so basic and so simple could possibly accomplish God's purposes. It is actually seen by many as "pooling ignorance".

Eric said...


The priesthood of believers is one of the most important doctrines related to the life of the church. It is also one of the most ignored.

We can't change what most people think, but maybe we can one person at a time.

Will Rochow said...


You are correct in stressing the importance of this doctrine. It's a sad irony that the Sunday church ritual as it has become really is not conducive to that priesthood of believers, and therefore is irrelevant to it.

As Tim suggested, WE as priests (implying: NOT the pastor alone) are to proclaim, but how can we do that with our pew/pulpit configurations in which all we do is look at the back of the head in front of us?

The very ones to whom WE are to "proclaim" the Gospel to, aren't even in those buildings we call "church." Perhaps it's time for us to leave the spectator's pew and get back out there face to face with the people to whom we, as "a royal priesthood," are to proclaim this great message of ours.

In the great Commission, Jesus said, "GO." He didn't say, sit and wait for them to COME.

Blessings, bro.

Eric said...


Thanks for commenting. My view of preaching is this: we need a lot less of it in church gatherings, and we need a lot more of it out in the marketplace. Let's live as the priests we are.

Eric said...
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