Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thankful for a Christian Co-Worker

After resigning from professional pastoring, I had no idea what type of work God would place me in (if you are interested in my reasoning for resigning, click here).

After a few months of odd jobs, God graciously provided me with a position at JC Bamford here in Savannah. Upon beginning my new occupation, I was immediately reminded that we live in a largely secular culture. Each day I'm surrounded by folks whose patterns of speech (in language and topic) do not, at all, reflect a Christian worldview.

This was no surprise to me. What was a bit shocking was that I could find no one else who seemed to be a follower of Christ. Of course I don't have the time to get to know everyone in the facility, but of the people I came in contact with, no one seemed to be a Christian.

I prayed to the Lord to provide me with one Christian co-worker. God has answered.

The interesting thing is that the Christian is a man who works in the same area that I do. He started at JCB a few weeks after I did and works at the other end of the line. Because of this, it's taken a while to get to know him.

I did notice fairly early on that he (let's call him Phil) does not curse. This doesn't mean he's a Christian, but it did interest me. We are both by nature relatively quiet, so we didn't engage in a great amount of conversation too quickly.

Last week I decided to sit with Phil for lunch. We began discussing our families. It turns out that they homeschool, too. That was interesting. I then decided to just ask him straight out if he is a Christian. I thought he would say yes, and he did. What a blessing! We then proceeded to discuss family some more, church life, living in Savannah, etc.

I'm glad to work in a location that allows for me to be a witness for Christ. However, it sure is nice to have another Christian around who can understand why I try to live as I do. I'm hoping we can encourage one another to be bright lights for Jesus.

Thank you Lord for this gift.

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