Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deacons Being Deacons

This past Sunday our church family was blessed to be led in our worship service by Simple Grace (the Hitch family musicians). After the service, the Hitches wanted to get back on the road to head home to Nebraska. One problem: they had a serious transmission fluid leak in their van. Since it was Sunday, it looked like they would have to wait until at least Monday to begin the long trip back to the Midwest. This would have been no big deal, but several of the Hitches are flying this coming Sunday to Haiti on a mission trip. They needed to get home as soon as possible.

In stepped one of our deacons. I'll omit his name; he wouldn't want me to post it. For the sake of this post, I'll refer to him as "John." He acted out being a deacon.

After the service I walked outside to look at the van situation. All I could see of John was the lower section of his legs. The rest of his body was under the van. He was trying to get a 5 foot long hose/pipe off the bottom of the vehicle. It did not look pleasant. In fact, it liked downright dirty.

After a while, I went home to rest a bit and prepare for the evening. John remained at the van. I'm told that after he removed the hose/pipe, he contacted someone he knew, and persuaded him to make a new one right then. John also even managed to get the hose/pipe maker to just charge his normal rate for the new part instead asking more because it was the weekend.

In all, John sacrificed about seven hours of his Sunday in order to help the Hitches get back on the road. After talking to him about it, I could tell that he was pleased to do it.

John was a deacon being a deacon. His example is a good one for all of us. May we all serve one another to build up the body of Christ. May we all be deacons to one another.

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