Monday, January 23, 2017

Running with George Whitefield

One of the things I love most about living in Savannah is the history. For example, in 1740 George Whitefield (well-known for preaching at Jonathan Edwards' church during the Great Awakening) founded an orphanage in Savannah. Today that orphanage has been transformed into Bethesda Academy, a private Christian school for boys. A few weeks ago I ran in a fundraiser 5K at Bethesda called the Resolution Run.

The photo above was taken during the playing of the National Anthem right before the start. I'm standing just to the left of center, a few rows back in a gray shirt. I'm happy to say that the race went well considering the conditions. The Resolution Run is a trail run that meanders through a cow pasture. The footing can be a bit tricky, especially when it rains. Well, it was raining during this race, which meant running through several puddles along the way. Regardless, it was a blast. Not only was the racing fun, but I finished first in my age group. My time was 19 minutes, 30 seconds; however, we think the course was short so that time is somewhat misleading.

In the photo to the left I'm standing with my awesome wife Alice. She volunteered during the race (and also taught a Spanish class at Bethesda this past fall). I'm holding my bling - a cowbell medal, the most appropriate medal I've ever received.

I run because I love it, and it keeps me healthy. I highly recommend it. Racing is not needed, but it is fun!

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