Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our Home Was Burglarized

This past Friday someone broke into our house and stole several different things. I don't have much time to write about it now since we're dealing with various issues related to getting our home back in shape. The thief or thieves kicked in our front door even though we have a dead bolt (see top photo). They took a couple of laptops, a phone, and cash. They may have departed somewhat frustrated since we don't have much expensive stuff. I praise the Lord that the bad guys didn't trash our house just for the sake of doing so. I also praise Him because a few of our friends have already helped us get a new door in place. We need to do some cosmetic stuff, but we are secure.

The police have no real leads right now; I highly doubt we will ever see the laptops again. We are ordering a security system today for our house. The worst part of all this is feeling like we have been violated. Additionally, it is very difficult to not hate the thugs who did this. I'm relying on God's grace to keep me from despising them.

I appreciate your prayers as we go through this. Our home used to be the place I felt the most secure and stress-free. For now that has been taken away. It is a difficult time. Christ will carry us through it, but quite honestly this is not a road I want to travel. I'll post in the days ahead if anything of interest happens. For now we are just trying to get life back to normal.


Aussie John said...


"The worst part of all this is feeling like we have been violated". Absolutely right. Our home IS our castle and earthly "safe place", but, our treasure is "in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

You have our prayers and commiserations, as we experienced a similar situation at our home a few years ago.

In our case the perpetrators were caught and eventually charged with 26 other robberies.

Eric said...

Thank you John. This has forced me to rest in Christ, which is obviously a good thing. The frustration about the crime is two-fold: first, it makes me antsy at home, and second, it makes me wonder what will occur in the future. It certainly makes us recall that our true citizenship is in heaven.

Gunnar said...


I am sorry to see what happened. You will be in my prayers.


Eric said...


Thank you very much! We are doing fairly well, but it is very troubling. God will carry us through it.