Monday, January 16, 2017

Kevin's Story

I hope more and more of you who read this blog send your stories to me. If you are interested in sharing your church journey with the rest of us please just let me know in the comments section of any post. I will reply, and we will go from there.

Today I'm linking to Kevin's story. Click on over to see what you can learn from his journey. If you have words of wisdom or encouragement please send those his way, too.


T Aagard said...

Thank you Kevin for your transparency. I remember the day, and the men who sat in the room, when I wept with seeming no control as I was told I needed to offer my resignation. I remember one of the kind elders taking me for a drive to sooth the pain. He was a kind man, but he could not tell me why. He could have, but he could not because of the assumptions of the corporation oriented system and their fear of legal recourse, etc. However I am very thankful for that day, with all it's pain. God helped me learn from that day and not return to that form of "leadership". Men and women by the tens of thousands experience the same hurt every year for much the same reasons, but they do not learn their pain was caused by a flesh oriented system that is against the work of the Spirit. So they go right back into it and try again. They chalk it up as taking up their cross and following Jesus. I am encouraged to hear you you are learning God has designed a very different dynamic for his people.

The journey is very unpredictable. God will supply along the way. There will be rejection, but you will learn how to respond with grace and truth. There is a bondage, a chaining of the heart, a paralysis of the Spirit in the traditions of men. With the freedom comes the simple direct dependency on the head of the church and walking in the Spirit, all of which is to be passed on to others for building them up.

Kevin said...

Thanks T Aagard, and thanks Eric for the link!