Monday, November 21, 2016

Need a Christmas Gift Idea? Try This.

(WARNING: somewhat shameless promotion below)

Two years ago at about this time Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity hit print. This book, which I edited, was written by over twenty different contributors. Each chapter deals with a different issue related to theology, faith, and church life. Although we certainly do not agree on everything, the authors all stand united in two things. The primary is that Jesus Christ is Lord. The secondary is that church life ought to be informal and follow the model given to us in scripture.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for someone else, or if you need something to ask for yourself, why not try this book?


T Aagard said...

I have read the book and recommend it to everyone. The household of faith is functioning in a fractured and divided path. It has been for 1500+ years. The reformers did not resolve the false unity gained from institutionalized forms of faith that were practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. Since all Bible experts today want a paycheck from practicing faith they will not question the institutionalized habit patterns and all the corruptions of truth. The authors that are brought together in this book all practice a faith with no institutional corruption. Unity, as Jesus called for it, with everyone participating together instead of facing one man behind a pulpit, is one of many points instructed in this book. Jesus desires followers who follow him, not a brand name or a hired expert. We must fix our eyes on Jesus and his desire for unity among his people. It's possible when we are willing to obey him, not merely muddle along in the traditions of men.

Eric said...

Thank you Tim.

The traditions of men sure are a prison for the church. It is so hard for many Christians to see beyond their weekly practices that are based more in Rome than in scripture. For others, they see the problems but refuse to do anything about it. Whether due to ignorance or disobedience, I fear that most of the church (at least in the USA) is flat out wrong about what the church is, should be, and should be doing.

Thanks again!