Monday, November 28, 2016

An Opportunity to Tell Your Story

Since you are reading this blog, you probably have some sort of unique church story. It's likely that you at one time were part of the institutional church model, but have departed from that for simpler waters. Or, you may be struggling with institutional practices, but have not left because you love the people with whom you meet. Or, it's possible that you've never been involved in the institutional model and have no intention of doing so. Or, you stumbled upon this blog and have no idea what you are reading about.

Assuming that you are not part of the last option I mentioned, I'd like to share your story on this blog. I find it fascinating to read about others' church journeys. While we of the departed often have similarities, the details are frequently different. Not only does it encourage me to read about it, but it often helps people to put their own thoughts together on paper (or a computer screen). Therefore, if you would like to tell your story, here is your opportunity. Please just let me know in the comments section of this post; we can then get in touch via email with the details. I'm not hoping for books, but rather just blog post entry length articles telling the main points of how you have arrived where you are concerning the church. After we discuss it, I'll post your story right here on this blog for all to read and be edified. Thanks.


Peter Horvatin said...

Hey Eric,

That sounds great and everyone else's story will encourage, strengthen, and build up the body of believers who have stepped away from the institutional church. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to share our stories.


Eric said...


I'm going to send you an email in just a few minutes. Thanks!

T Aagard said...

I'm happy to tell my story. It covers a 40 year journey but I'll do my best to keep it short.

Eric said...


That would be great. Please leave another comment on this blog that includes your email address. I won't publish the comment in order to keep your email private. I will then email you so that you can in turn email your story to me. I'll read it over, and then respond to you with any questions I may have. After that, I'll publish it on the blog. Thanks!

Kevin said...

Eric, sorry it's taken me a few weeks to finish, but I used your challenge as a reason to write my story out for a semi-anonymous website I'm starting about church issues. I'd appreciate a link:

Eric said...


Give me some time to look at it, and we'll go from there. Thanks!